SCUBA Equipment Servicing

SCUBA Equipment servicing and repair carried out by a professional technician trainer of over 20 years experience means your kit is in the safest of hands. A whole range of equipment can be serviced, repaired or tested in line with manufacturers guidelines. No doubt that regular equipment maintenance keeps you safer, more relaxed and in the water when you want to be.

For all work carried out a service report is issued along with any replaced parts, photos of interest and future recommendations for user level care and maintenance. Inquisitive divers can also book a repair clinic where your own equipment can be serviced in front of you and it’s workings explained – click here for more information.

SCUBA Equipment Service:

  • Full routine servicing
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Between service health checks
  • Disinfection / decontamination
  • Repairs / troubleshooting / upgrades
  • Bench flow testing
  • Gauge accuracy testing
BCDs / Wings:
  • Full routine service
  • Bladder leak testing and repair
  • Inflator repair and service
Cylinders / Cylinder Valves:
  • Cylinder valve service and repair
  • Cylinder visual inspection
  • Cylinder and valve oxygen cleaning
Computers / Instruments / Watches:
  • Battery changes
  • Pressure tests in 60m, 3.5L test chamber
  • Gauge accuracy testing
CCR’s & SCR’s:
  • MAV, ADV and BOV servicing
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Pressure tests in 60m, 3.5L test chamber, example camera housing etc (size depending)
  • Wetsuit repairs
  • Restoration of antique equipment
  • Drysuit repairs – pressure tests, leak repairs, zip, seal and boot replacement
  • DPV repairs
  • Click here for compressors and booster pumps

Equipment servicing is carried out in Subic Bay, Philippines, or onboard a vessel or other location of your choice.

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