From basic dive equipment repairs and compressor system upgrades aboard yachts to commercial diving projects. Find out more information by clicking the options below.

SCUBA Equipment Servicing

A wide variety of SCUBA equipment can be professionally overhauled, repaired or tested. Find out more here.

Compressor Servicing

Compressor maintenance, servicing, upgrade and repair carried out on high pressure compressors. Find out more here.

Yacht Solutions

Below the waterline services, crew training, dive store maintenance and upgrade. Find out more here.

Commercial Diving

Capabilities including inspection, heavy lifts, dredging, photo/video surveys, search & recovery, metal detection, mooring installation, salvage and hull work. Find out more here.

Booster Pump Servicing

Gas boosters serviced, repaired and cleaned. Find out more here.

System Upgrades

Computerized maintenance management systems, upgraded compressor filtration, nitrox blending solutions and more. Find out here.

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