System Upgrades

From implementation of CMMS computer maintenance management systems for dive centers to installation of nitrox blending solutions and upgrading dive compressor filtration aboard yachts. We offer a range of upgrades to take your dive shop or onboard dive locker to the next level.

Aftermarket Filtration Upgrades:

Aftermarket filtration either works in conjunction with your existing set up or instead replaces it. The following points are some advantages of an aftermarket filtration set up:

  • Increase intervals between filter changes,
  • Reduce the risk of contaminated air,
  • Supply oxygen compatible air (set up depending),
  • Use as a marketing point that you take air quality seriously.

We can supply and install an aftermarket filtration unit, please contact us to discuss your goals and current set up to find the right combination for you. Training is also provided to staff in operation.

Nitrox Blending Solutions:

For dive operations wanting a quick and easy method of nitrox production, continuous flow setups are designed and built.

  • All systems are equipped with a safety shut-off solenoid and oxygen analyser,
  • Easy to use, compact and very low maintenance,
  • All that is additionally needed is a suitable oxygen cylinder from a local gas supplier,

Please contact us with details of your current compressor setup so we can size a continuous flow system right for you.

Computerized Maintenance Solutions:

No matter the size of the operation, we can set up a streamlined, easy to use maintenance system. Stock levels, service records, scheduled maintenance prompts and tracking can all be integrated plus much more. Get in touch to set up a consultation to see how your dive business or yacht can benefit.

Other upgrades can be accommodated, please get in touch to discuss your ideas, goals and current set up to see if we can help.

  • Subic Bay, Philippines. 


  • Onboard a vessel or other location of your choice.

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