TDI Oxygen (O2) Equipment Service Technician

The TDI Oxygen (O2) Equipment Service Technician course prepares you to service regulators, cylinders and valves for use with enriched air nitrox / other technical gas mixes. We explore the process of what happens when a piece of equipment requires cleaning and service for oxygen use. If you have equipment needing an oxygen clean this can be carried out during the course.

This training program can be taught alone or be included with TQS SCUBA Technician training. Note this is not an entry level service course – please get in touch to discuss the prerequisites and any other training requirements.

  • 1.5 days
Topics Covered:
  • Technician responsibilities,
  • Oxygen handling,
  • O2 clean system materials,
  • Procedures of oxygen cleaning,
  • Gas production equipment,
  • Mixing techniques,
  • Oxygen analysis,
  • Cylinder handling.
  • Subic Bay, Philippines.


  • Onboard a vessel or other location of your choice.

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