Rev C OLED Screen Replacement

By Shaun Notley, August 2022

The following is a step by step write up of the recent screen replacement carried out on my personal Juergensen Marine Rev C+ controller from a HammerHead CCR.

Use completely at your own risk!

  1. The old screen had quite a few dead pixels. Starting off with one or two not functioning,  declined over 20 or so dives to what you see here.

2. With the battery removed, the 10 allen head screws holding the screen and bezel were removed. The bezel and screen just lift off. The o’ring, a 80 x 2mm which can be replaced if necessary. 4 smaller allen head screws hold the screen in place.

3. With the OLED screen, connections 1-14 are used. As you can see 1 and 2 (right side) and 14 (left side) are uninsulated. Connection pins 3-13 are connected via male and female headers. The uninsulated connections were carefully de-soldered and the headers gently separated to remove the screen.

4. The screen I sourced did not have header pins fitted, new ones were soldered and the connections made, like for like. The screen I sourced was a 1602 OLED screen with parallel connection and WS0010 controller. Dimensions are 80x36x10mm with viewing area dimensions of 66x16mm. I went for white over the original yellow display color.

5. Refitting is the reverse of removing, take care with the allen head screws not to over-torque them. The screws can be lubricated with christo-lube or silicone grease (as per the HammerHead Electronics User Manual). Bezel screws should be gently tightened in a star / alternating type pattern.