Meet Shaun

From Essex in the UK, after having learned to dive in 1999 I entered the dive industry in 2001. Starting part-time at local dive center Adventures in Diving, I worked up over 6 years to company director by the age of 20. During my time there I gained both recreational & technical dive instructor ratings, teaching in the UK and Egypt. I actively dived unknown UK wrecks in the North Sea at every opportunity I could get as well as the well known wrecks of SCAPA Flow. I spent as much time in the repair workshop and seminars as i could, learning the ins and outs of equipment maintenance.

I went on to manage or work as a dive technician for several dive centers all over the world. I have found myself in a variety of different dive related roles, some more unusual than others. Becoming an IMCA recognised (DOL Class II / HSE1) commercial diver in 2009 helped open up a lot of these opportunities.

The least glamorous end of the scale I was working in some of the most inhospitable places imaginable with cold water and zero visibility thrown in for good measure. A nicer side saw me working on underwater media projects in the UK at The Underwater Studio. This led on to a career as a show diver, dive technician, then head of underwater maintenance at the world’s largest water show half way across the world in Macau.

I have authored several courses which have been agency approved with several more on the way. Proudly I have provided equipment maintenance and dive services to some of the worlds most iconic mega-yachts. Currently based in Subic Bay, Philippines, I focus now on SCUBA Service Technician training, equipment services and diver training. In my spare time I still enjoy getting in the water, especially on technical open circuit and mixed gas closed circuit rebreather wreck dives. 

Please enjoy navigating through the website and get in touch if you have any questions.

Shaun Notley